Born Pretty Store: Studs Collection

The most recent thing the Born Pretty Store sent me for review were a gorgeous set of studs featuring a collection of silver & golden grunge inspired rhinestones. 

After seeing countless nail art designs, the studs were a welcome relief from the usual nail art I do. They were relatively easy to use with just a cuticle stick & some drops of top coat. Although I wouldn't recommend y'all to be waving your arms about after doing so, as the studs would fall out pretty easily with rigorous arm movement. 

On to what are on my nails today, I first started out with China Glaze's Calypso Blue, which is the darkest blue navy I've ever seen, & I've simply layered NFU 52 over it. Choosing only gold colored studs, I managed to grunge up the manicure a little giving it a little rocker look. 

As always Born Pretty Store purchases come with a discount code, which is listed below & in the side bar for a 10% off. Don't forget they have free international shipping, which is personally why I love buying from them.

Below are pictures showing the shift in flakies & how the studs look over the different color combinations!


BeautyAsia Exhibition

There was a BeautyAsia Exhibition held at Marina Bay Sands awhile back, happy that I found the time to attend it because it wasn't a total waste. I had a wonderful time with Rachel from cherchezbeaute <3 We, well I, bought tons of new things which I will show today. 

The picture above shows the color of my hair color back then, it's a delightful mix of Manic Panic's Atomic  Turquoise & Electric Lizard.

Warning: Heavy picture post!

I did snap a few pictures of things that caught my interest, & there was a Korean nail store in particular that caught my interest.

This was their print manicure, an interesting concept. Working like how you'd do newspaper nails, but instead of using isopropyl alcohol, we use the pink bottle (as seen below) to make the transfer. Unlike isopropyl alcohol, which I have failed terrifically at, the solution transfer seems to have a much stronger success rate. The prints are also more vibrant & clear. Don't take my word for it, I'll put a review up soon :) I was lucky enough to grab 1 set thanks to Cheeying from Inky Polisholicious! :D

This was their selection of mood changing polishes. I wish I had enough cash on me to buy all of them, I found all their collections amazing! I spotted a holographic set of polishes but I didn't manage to take a photo of them. :( If you want to take a look at things that they have, or maybe even order from them, I heard that Sur is actually looking for distributors! I went to their website, & they have an amazing collection of glitters, even milky based ones, magnetics & chrome. Why is this brand not readily available?! >.<

I managed to snap a quick photo of Orly's Spring 2013 Hope & Freedom collection. Disappointingly enough, I wasn't allowed to buy a single polish, rather they insisted that we buy the whole set. I think I'll pass. :| 

What I bought however, more than made up for the rather disappointing exhibition this year. I didn't exactly buy a lot of polishes, probably half my haul compared to last year, & I feel content with my spending habits.

Deborah Lippmann's Sweet Dreams, Ray of Light & Mermaid's Dream
So I went a little nuts when I saw the DL rack :P Can anyone blame me? These looked so gorgeous I snapped them up in 5 minutes :)

Misa The Great Green Whatsit & Pour Me Something Tall & Strong
Misa is a relatively unknown brand to me, so I just picked up the ones I thought were attractive. The Great Green Whatsit seems especially beautiful & the name makes me giggle. A little.

Zoya's Creamy & Layla
So there were racks & racks of Zoya & I honestly went a little mental... At first. After enquiries, we all realized they didn't have the new ranges so I only got these 2! They are bright cremes that I intend to use for nail art mostly.

So that's the end of my nail haul! :D It wasn't much but I feel so satisfied because I didn't spend a lot & I felt like I spent it well <3

Toodles! xo
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