Misa The Great Green Whatsit

Today I have one of the Misa's I bought from my previous haul at BeautyAsia. The Great Green Whatsit is a sea foam green duochrome with gold flakes. The formula is sheer, buildable & squishy, & because it's probably going to look nicer layered over a darker polish, I layered it over my favorite dark blue, China Glaze's Calypso Blue.

I love this polish. It's amazing, a subtle duochrome, along with the gorgeous speckled gold flakes. I need to use this again! The name is hilarious even though I don't get it. Could someone explain?


KBShimmer Glowstick

I'm currently so in love with neons & digging through my newly packed drawers, I really wanted to show you guys how lovely this polish is. One of my few KBShimmers, Glowstick is a neon glitter jelly & the best part, IT GLOWS IN THE DARK. 

I think this is one of the polishes that has everything & it isn't overdone. I know many polishes that have too many things & it turns into this big muddy mess. Yes the formula is a little too squishy & watery but when layered over a white polish, it immediately becomes a beautiful highlighter yellow. In the swirl, there are stars, diamonds, hexes & bars, basically an explosion of silver glitters.

Glowstick is no longer listed in both KBShimmer & Harlow sites but I'm sure you can get it in swaps, or people selling their extra bottles, or even second hand. This polish is so worth getting!

Incredible glow in the dark polish!


Dollish Polish Super Mario Bros. Collection- My Picks

I know I'm super late to the party but packing out my cupboard recently & I found my picks from Dollish Polish Super Mario Bros. Collection (If only that could happen more often right?). I got 6 from the 8 polish set collection & I really truly adore them.

These were one of those collections where I first laid eyes on them & immediately knew I had to have them! They're also my first Dollish Polish & I am so so so in love.

I love Mario & I think it's great that someone came out with an entire collection dedicated to a legendary game. I had so much fun with these polishes, I hope y'all like them!


Lavender & Lilac Ombré- Crazy Colours Review

I recently decided to try out Crazy Colours because La Riche has been such a huge disappointment so far & being on this huge pastel kick lately I picked out a number of pastel Crazy Colours to try. To start off I did a lavender to lilac ombré with slight blue tips, colours used are in the picture below.

As lavender & lilac are pastel colours, a lot of bleaching may be needed to get your intended hair colour. On the other hand Bubblegum Blue isn't as pastel colored & through much testing I can confirm with one bleach the colour should show on your hair! Of course, every hair is unique & to each his own so results may vary.

My thoughts on Crazy Colour: I'm a convert. I'm not saying that La Riche is terrible, I think many people would disagree but I find that Crazy Colour 'sticks' to my hair quite a bit faster as compared to the pastel colours in La Riche which drove me up the wall.

For the dyes that I used, the colours looked so vibrant in the bottle, I couldn't believe they were pastel colours! For some reason the lilac dye was a little more watery than the rest but that might've been a fluke, it didn't affect the quality of the colour in any way so I'm pretty alright with that.

So recently my friend & I decided to start out The Tinted Mane, where we offer a selection of Crazy Colours & La Riche dyes. Readers can quote 'SND' for SGD$1 off per bottle & purchase of 5 bottles or more are eligible for free registered mail! Happy shopping <3


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