A mini LUSH haul!

Hello lovelies! I've spent the past week being bombarded by the terrible haze & it was terrible, an acrid smell wafting into my room whether the windows were closed or not that left me feeling quite sick. We've had a short respite since Saturday with most of the haze blanketing our northern neighbor & I took a short shopping trip yesterday to lift my sickly spirits & to try and forget about the haze.

As soon as I entered the LUSH store I became a little girl again, squealing at the smells & at all the different soaps. Gosh I love LUSH so. The salesgirl was super tolerant of me, she introduced me to a ton of new smells, some I liked, some not so much. Anyway this is the small amount I bought which also happens to be the most I ever spent in a LUSH store!

This is my second time purchasing Flying Fox, first time being in Kazakhstan & being the complete doofus that I am, I had left it there. Flying Fox consists of all sorts of honey madness jammed into one bottle and given a beautiful douse of perfumes & essential oils that leaves a heavy raw scent. I love that it doesn't smell too sweet & sugary, it's a raw & natural & it shows. 

It was only after getting this bottle that I realized it could be used on my hair too! I haven't made the jump to washing my hair with it yet but it leaves my skin feeling so moisturized, & I just can't imagine how my hair would feel like after.

After looking through numerous reviews on LUSH's UK site, I concluded that I needed You Snap The Whip, a charcoal infused body butter. Imagine to my delight when at the store I realize it had the same scent as Sweetie Pie, a shower jelly that I had purchased before & loved!I would've purchased a million bars but they seem to soften really quickly in the heat & I'm worried it'd turn my bathroom cupboard into a complete mess.

You Snap The Whip is a half scrub/ half moisturising bit of heaven in a bar. It leaves my skin with little scrubby black bits & lots of charcoal but a quick wash & my skin feels really soft & moisturised. The smell is on the sweeter, fruitier side, but it also has a slight edge that leaves the overall scent just right. 

This is one of my favorite bars of soap ever! Honey I Washed The Kids is not only a fun play on words but a gorgeous scent infused into a pretty bar of soap. I love how there's a honeycomb at the front of it, in case anyone forgets its honey flavored even though you can smell the bar from a mile away! 

Honey I Washed The Kids is (obviously) a honey infused scent of bar soap. There also seems to be an almost milky scent to it that rounds the whole thing up. The milk & honey combination makes me think of Cleopatra's secret youth ritual which was supposedly a bath with the simple combination of the two!

I'm going to have to save up quite a bit of money for my next trip to LUSH!


Lacquer Lust Bow Chika Wow Wow

Hi guys! I was in the mood for something holographic after filing my nails down to nubbity nubs. Picked out my one Lacquer Lust polish, a gorgeous royal blue holo that never fails to cheer me up after a grumpy day.

Swatch is at 3 coats, which is enough to build it to full opacity. Bow Chika Wow Wow is one of those squishy holos that have an easy to apply formula that dries quickly :D I've worn this mani on countless days when I encountered a mental block, nail polish wise. The holographic is definitely less obvious in my lightbox, many people have told me it may be a dupe to OPI's DS Glamour but I definitely don't have that. How about an easier to find alternative? ;)

I don't usually buy indies very often but this is amazing.

Retails at SGD$18.50 from Shoppe Eclecticco! (Ships internationally)


Ming Vase Nails

It's been ages since I did stamping, partly because I felt my old stamping plate designs are becoming a little stale. When I got my new stamping plates from Taobao, I thought they were so beautiful & I hadn't yet seen anything like it so I was really excited to post this to show you guys!

Using the plate QA-7, & China Glaze's Calypso Blue with a base coat of OPI's My Boyfriend Scales The Walls, I utilized the entire stamping plate and I think it's looking pretty good. 

Taobao is an amazing website if you're willing to maneuver through all the Chinese with the help of Google translate :P Each plate without shipping was about SGD$0.60 & that is pretty damn cheap if you ask me. They were good quality stamping plates, which honestly surprised me. The stamping selection can be found here


Nails Inc. Leather Effect in Noho

 Just filed down my nails to cute little nubs & applied Nails Inc. Leather Effect in Noho, which is supposed to mimic the leathery texture. This is my first textured polish & also my first Nails Inc :) I really liked it on both counts.

The formula was easy to apply, unlike other mattes, it didn't dry too fast so that it becomes streaky but it dried fast enough for me to just apply it & head out after. I love the gritty texture of the polish but it doesn't resemble leather... more of a stone path. 

I loved the Nails Inc. brush, it fits perfectly & fans out just right enough to get perfect cuticle lines, I have to get more from this brand. 

Swatches are at 3 coats.


Sunset Gradient

Hi guys! I spotted my entire collection of Orly's Summer Neon Collection 2012 just sitting in my drawer collecting dust so I decided to take them out to play :) I created a sunset like gradient & it turned out pretty well. Love how well the colours blended into each other.

As usual, my camera couldn't capture the neons so I tried tweaking the lighting a little to make it seem a little more saturated. It didn't work a whole lot. Anyone have any tips on capturing neon colours?

Hope you guys like it as much as I did! <3 y'all


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