Butter London Wallis

Hey guys, currently on holiday in Kazakhstan. I have a number of vault posts & I'm finally able to post them. Today I have Butter London's Wallis. 

A gorgeous gold-olive flecked within a darker base, Wallis doesn't disappoint when it comes to color & formula. It applied perfectly & was easy to control. It definitely looks multi-dimensional with multiple layers. I know it's not one of the more original colors but boy does it look pretty on my fingernails! <3


Reddit Challenge Week 11: Glitter

Shine bright like diamonds.

I actually hate these sort of songs, the beats drives my head crazy, but I'll make an exception for this one. I was inspired to do this manicure after a day of crazy crystal growing in the lab. That's not a euphemism for meth either :D  We really did grow crystals, or to be clear, someone else did after we smashed ours with our slide :(

Here's not our crystals.

Anyway I used China Glaze's Glistening Snow as a base, which is the most perfect silver holographic ever. Look at all that fine holo bits! It looks like diamond dust :o Using a brush, I (rather sloppily) painted on the diamond using NailedIt's tutorial. The color used would be Essence Grumpy from the Snow White collection!

Nailed It Diamond Tutorial


Aritaum No. 36

Today I have for you all a lilac purple holographic shade from Aritaum, a Korean brand. This is my first time reviewing a Korean brand & I very rarely buy their polishes because they don't really have interesting shades available in Singapore. :( Thanks to Melissa, who on a trip to Korea, snagged this goodie for me <3

The formula was really good, probably one of the best formulas I've ever encountered in Korean polishes. It's a subtle holo, not crazy like Halo Hues, but it's very pretty & dainty. It's actually surprisingly girly & very nice againt my skin tone. If only there were shades like this in Singapore... I'd probably describe it as cybertronic lavender flowers! :D

My swatch is at 3 coats.


Nail Pattern Boldness Seppuku (With A Frisbee)

Hi guys! Today I have an awesomely named polish Seppuku (With A Frisbee) by Nail Pattern Boldness. Seppuku is a form of suicide by Japanese samurais in the olden days where they sliced their guts using their own swords. Can you imagine if it happened with a frisbee? The name & imagery cracks me up heavily. 

Seppuku (With A Frisbee) is an explosion of matte glitter, much like Floam but with a lot more depth. It's hexagonal glitter with a mix of pink, yellow & bright orange. I love this combination, it's like candy corn or autumn. Incredibly yummy looking, it's a perfect summery color. 

Seppuku (With A Frisbee) is available at Shoppe Eclectico for $14.50 (It's on discount right now!) with other Nail Pattern Boldness shades. 

Every picture is at 3 swatches & a top coat.

Reddit Challenge Week 10: Winter

Hey lovelies <3 It's Week 10 of the Reddit Challenge & this week's theme is Winter! Although Singapore is a tropical country (Read: B*tchin' hot), I wanted some icy fingers, hell yeah! :D

I used OPI What's With The Cattitude? & Deborah I Am Your Mermaid for the blue base. I sponged a gradient of China Glaze's Glistening Snow. I decided to do snowflakes using Bundle Monster plates 323 & 319 using Color Club's Blue Heaven. :) Hope you guys like it!


Girly Bits Shift Happens

Hey lovelies, today I have Girly Bits Shift Happens, a beautiful multichrome. I have so much photos in this post because I just couldn't stop staring at my fingers. 

So Shift Happens (Has an awesome name) changes from green, orange to red & it's like a delectable shimmery beauty. Definitely a layering color, I decided a navy blue would show off the color changes perfectly, China Glaze Calypso Blue.

Girly Bits Shift Happens is available at Llarowe for USD$12.00

Enjoy the pictures guys! This is just one coat by the way :)


Color Club Halo Hues Swatches

Today I have Color Club Halo Hues :i This has to be the most amazing collection I've ever swatched & the first time I held so many holos in my hand. I really think Color Club won my heart with this collection, it's incredibly lovely!

There are 6 holographic shades in Halo Hues, & for some reason, I found the theme incredibly appropriate. The names weren't too tacky & the shades were heavenly (Pun intended). Is it just me or do the colors seem very delicate & soft too?  The holographic shine just adds the little oomph to the pastel-like shades & also makes me think of shining halos atop an angel :D

The formula on all these were slightly thick but incredibly workable, there was no bald spots, pulling, the brush was perfect, & I could go on & on. All the colors here were opaque in 2 coats! Which is the most amazing thing to me ever :O A little tip: When applying Halo Hues, do not drag your brush over a certain spot too many times, it'll cause bubbling! (Seen sometimes in my swatches :( )

All swatches are at 3 coats.


Reddit Challenge Week 9: Rainbows

Happy beginning of December everyone! I suppose the girls are heaving sighs of relief worldwide as their men get rid of their mustaches/ beards for Movember. 

Today I have nails yet again for Reddit, this time for rainbows. I decided to celebrate the end of Movember too, so you see rainbow mustaches on my nails :D Doing the normal kind of mustache seemed kinda boring so I switched around the styles. 

I used a base coat of Zoya Cho, two dotting tools & various colors to create this look. Charming isn't it? :)

Hope you like them everyone!

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