A month ago there was a small litter of newborn kittens that were abandoned in an army camp. A lovely friend of mine decided to adopt the runt of the litter & care for her; affectionately named 'Coffee', she required constant care & supervision, with her loud mews filling the room at odd hours of the night, it was incredibly draining for the both of them. Incredibly rambunctious for something that couldn't see, her favorite place would be snuggled up in someone's hair, or anywhere she could hook on to. 

When I received the news that she had passed, I was devastated, for the loss of Coffee & for the grieving of my friend. It was pretty clear to me that Coffee had been very loved from the beginning, for the kitten my friend dreamed of being a cat.

"A flower bloomed already wilting. Beginning it's life with an early ending."
                                                                                                                                     - R.J Gonzales

Today's nails are dedicated to the death of Coffee, even though it has been a few weeks since her passing.  Using QA40 & a couple of OPI polishes, I created this patch of art that does not resemble Coffee in any way but I hope it counts. Inexplicable things always happen in life, and this was just one of them. Wherever she is now, I hope she's a lot happier, and so much free-er.

Hold the ones you cherish close tonight folks!


Holiday LUSH Haul.

Hi lovelies, I've just gotten back from a trip to Europe, & I've shopped non stop for 2 weeks. I'm going to start off with my mega large LUSH haul that I got from Regent Street in London. I'm a huge LUSH fan & I went a little crazy admittedly. 

It was my second trip to LUSH Regent Street, and I was served by this incredibly tall & gorgeous Amazonian lady that very patiently introduced different products that she felt were suited to me. She was incredibly detailed & was pulling products from the shelves at incredible speeds. I made my choices & put them in my already heavy basket. At this point I was a little nervous as I didn't bring too much cash with me & I was worried that I'd overshot my already strained budget. As she tallied the total, I took out Flying Fox, incredibly embarrassed & apologizing profusely. I went upstairs & when I went back down to pay, I took a glance inside my bag & I saw this bottle inside. I was so shocked & so incredibly touched, & she refused to even listen to me thanking her.

Turkish Delight is a shower smoothie infused with moisturizing cocoa butter, almond oils & rose. It works like a combination of body butter & soap, rubbed into the skin, then washed off. 

I love the heavy rose scent, it feels so delicate & girly, the scent is strong but not overbearing.

Fresh Farmacy is a facial cleanser with a delightful mix of lavender, rose, tea tree oil & calamine. If these ingredients seem familiar, they're commonly used for sensitive skin issues, lavender is used to moisturize, tea tree to clear up any blemishes & calamine to sooth.

This is my first time purchasing a bar soap for face cleansing. I really hope it works as my skin gets inflamed very easily.

My hair is dry. And when I say its dry, they're like bales of straw in the field, I've bleached it more than I would ever admit. Blousey is a shampoo supposed to be richly moisturizing & specially for damaged, bleached & fragile hair. Cocoa butter, cupuacu butter & bananas to moisturize & cloves, star anise & pimento berry for a healthy scalp. The smell is strong, reminding me of berries in summertime with a faint whiff of bananas.

Sure, it looks a little goopy but it's organic & fresh, I really can't wait to use it & finally try & do some restoration on my hair.

H'Suan Wen Hua is a hair mask made up of bay, watercress, balsamic vinegar, rosemary oil for shine & fresh eggs with soya lecithin to infuse the hair with protein. A swirl of lanolin helps to moisturize along with bananas & avocados. 

I've heard crazy things about this product, people have been raving up & down so this is one of those things I feel I need a lifetime supply for. 

A daily conditioner, Retread is supposed to be the most nourishing in the LUSH range. With a seaweed & lanolin base with added soya for protein, olive, jojoba & avocado oils for further moisturizing, Retread is more than enough for daily use.

My absolute first bath bomb even though I don't have a bathtub, Twilight will be sitting in my cupboard perfuming my clothes with it's heavy scent of lavender.

R&B stands for revive and balance, & is a leave in hair moisturizer for curly or dry hair types. With a heavy tropical flowery scent, this is one of my favorite products I have used. Rubbed onto damp hair for maximised results, it leaves my hair feeling so soft, silky & heavy, no longer the dry & damaged hair it once was. An amazing thing is that one drop of this product goes a long way, a small tub can be used for ages.

With ingredients such as avocado butter, cupuacu butter & candelilla wax, R&B moisturizes the toughest of hairs.

A shampoo bar which I bought to try out, Ultimate Shine is for a mild cleansing. There is a very soft scent which I can't put my finger on, but I dearly want to try out a bar of shampoo on my hair!



Misa The Great Green Whatsit

Today I have one of the Misa's I bought from my previous haul at BeautyAsia. The Great Green Whatsit is a sea foam green duochrome with gold flakes. The formula is sheer, buildable & squishy, & because it's probably going to look nicer layered over a darker polish, I layered it over my favorite dark blue, China Glaze's Calypso Blue.

I love this polish. It's amazing, a subtle duochrome, along with the gorgeous speckled gold flakes. I need to use this again! The name is hilarious even though I don't get it. Could someone explain?

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