Aritaum No. 36

Today I have for you all a lilac purple holographic shade from Aritaum, a Korean brand. This is my first time reviewing a Korean brand & I very rarely buy their polishes because they don't really have interesting shades available in Singapore. :( Thanks to Melissa, who on a trip to Korea, snagged this goodie for me <3

The formula was really good, probably one of the best formulas I've ever encountered in Korean polishes. It's a subtle holo, not crazy like Halo Hues, but it's very pretty & dainty. It's actually surprisingly girly & very nice againt my skin tone. If only there were shades like this in Singapore... I'd probably describe it as cybertronic lavender flowers! :D

My swatch is at 3 coats.


  1. This reminds me of Catrice Dirty Berry. Do you have that one? If so, want to compare the two?

    1. Hi :) I've heard that many times. No I'm sorry I don't. But from Google, Dirty Berry seems dustier & deeper with a different sort of finish. Hope that helps :D


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