La Riche Lagoon Blue

I recently dip dyed my hair using La Riche's Lagoon Blue which is a striking aquamarine. After two weeks it faded to something nearly tie dye-esque, with streaks of seaweed green, a soft denim blue & brown.

This wasn't my first time with La Riche, but I think I'd be honest in saying it's been the best so far. My previous attempts with lilac & pastel pink were terrible as the dye didn't 'stick'. I wasn't feeling so confident about Lagoon Blue after that but the results really surprised me. The color did run onto my pillowcase though
    ಠ╭╮ಠ  something that never occurred when I used Manic Panic.

Since this is primarily a nail blog, I decided that matching nails would be fitting. I decided to go with a gradient & although it isn't immediately visible, the green on my nails matches the color on some areas of my hair.

For my nail base I started out with OPI's What's With The Cattitude, a baby blue creme. I did random sponging with China Glaze's Mahogany Magic & Zoya Bevin, which is a gorgeous sage green.

I love this look, it's so simple, soft & sweet without being too overly girly, which is exactly the same sort of look I feel my hair gives.


  1. Love it! The matching hair and nail colours look gorgeous and earthy, a bit like you're dipping your nails into a clear river and turning over the dirt with your fingers :)

    1. Thanks love, beautiful description as always <3

  2. This is SO cool :) I love your hair and the mani!


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