A month ago there was a small litter of newborn kittens that were abandoned in an army camp. A lovely friend of mine decided to adopt the runt of the litter & care for her; affectionately named 'Coffee', she required constant care & supervision, with her loud mews filling the room at odd hours of the night, it was incredibly draining for the both of them. Incredibly rambunctious for something that couldn't see, her favorite place would be snuggled up in someone's hair, or anywhere she could hook on to. 

When I received the news that she had passed, I was devastated, for the loss of Coffee & for the grieving of my friend. It was pretty clear to me that Coffee had been very loved from the beginning, for the kitten my friend dreamed of being a cat.

"A flower bloomed already wilting. Beginning it's life with an early ending."
                                                                                                                                     - R.J Gonzales

Today's nails are dedicated to the death of Coffee, even though it has been a few weeks since her passing.  Using QA40 & a couple of OPI polishes, I created this patch of art that does not resemble Coffee in any way but I hope it counts. Inexplicable things always happen in life, and this was just one of them. Wherever she is now, I hope she's a lot happier, and so much free-er.

Hold the ones you cherish close tonight folks!


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