A trip to Kazakhstan.

Thumb shot of my candy cane nails. 
I just got back from a trip to Kazakhstan from visiting my SO. It's an incredibly lovely place but since it's located so close to the Northern parts of the world, it was freezing cold. I flew from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur, where I found out my flight was delayed by 12 hours. :b After finally managing to get on the flight, I landed in Almaty which was -30 degrees & made to get off the plane & take a bus to the main terminal :|| All  I had with me were my trench coat, & a scarf. You could hear the wind whistling through my clothes along with my chattering teeth.

Almaty's Airport
My super duper lovely friend & her equally as lovely brother helped me check in to my domestic flight to Astana because I didn't speak Russian/ Kazakh. My flight was delayed yet again. To add insult to my injury, the domestic departures wasn't insulated. Why? Just WHY. As I sat there in my coat shivering, I made friends with another girl who was on the same flight & she helped me board my other flight! Yaye for helpful people :D

Иши́м River, Astana
For my first day we just walked around a bit around the river so I could take in the the gorgeous landscape.  The Esil River was super gorgeous & I really fell in love with it.

Loving how the snowflakes get trapped on my eyelashes.

We went to this amazing bar which overlooked a cafe. The ambience was amazing. I have no idea where it is but I've never felt so comfortable in a place where there were so many people. I met my SO's friends & they were super nice. I'm usually not the type that likes heading out to bars, I prefer curling up & drinking but The Barley Bar was so chic :D


Pigeons there were particularly fat & fluffy & really really adorable. I spotted them at the park in a group where they slowly made their way towards me. SO told me they were all coming for me :r I've got no idea if it was the cold or if they were tame but they didn't seem bothered by humans at all! How strange.

One of the most exciting things I found out was that new opening of Saks Fifth Avenue! I nagged at the SO for days before he brought me there >.< It was so exciting wandering about amongst the snobby sales people :D I fell in love with a Tiffany ring which costs about USD$3000. Oh money :b I wish they'd open a store here :( There was a large collection of Deborah Lippmanns on sale for about USD$25? A little pricey but I was seriously tempted. My SO insisted that I leave the poor nail polishes alone :@

First time ice skating!

My SO playing with his nephew. The little tyke was about 3 months old & way adorable! I <3 him! (Still terrified of babies though) He hated me for awhile but warmed up to me in the most adorable way ever :D

Anyway, this was the summary of my trip. It was lovely, & Kazakhstan is really a beautiful country. I'd love to go back soon :) xx


  1. Kazakhstan sounds very cold, but lovely!

  2. haha, your SO sounds just like every other "do-you-need-ANOTHER-nail-polish" bf out there. I'm intrigued by Kazakhstan but it doesn't sound like it is very accessible for the typical tourist.

    1. No it really is for those hardcore travellers :) Yes he is!

  3. Beautiful pictures :) Now you make me want to go there too!


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