Lacquer Lust Bow Chika Wow Wow

Hi guys! I was in the mood for something holographic after filing my nails down to nubbity nubs. Picked out my one Lacquer Lust polish, a gorgeous royal blue holo that never fails to cheer me up after a grumpy day.

Swatch is at 3 coats, which is enough to build it to full opacity. Bow Chika Wow Wow is one of those squishy holos that have an easy to apply formula that dries quickly :D I've worn this mani on countless days when I encountered a mental block, nail polish wise. The holographic is definitely less obvious in my lightbox, many people have told me it may be a dupe to OPI's DS Glamour but I definitely don't have that. How about an easier to find alternative? ;)

I don't usually buy indies very often but this is amazing.

Retails at SGD$18.50 from Shoppe Eclecticco! (Ships internationally)

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