A mini LUSH haul!

Hello lovelies! I've spent the past week being bombarded by the terrible haze & it was terrible, an acrid smell wafting into my room whether the windows were closed or not that left me feeling quite sick. We've had a short respite since Saturday with most of the haze blanketing our northern neighbor & I took a short shopping trip yesterday to lift my sickly spirits & to try and forget about the haze.

As soon as I entered the LUSH store I became a little girl again, squealing at the smells & at all the different soaps. Gosh I love LUSH so. The salesgirl was super tolerant of me, she introduced me to a ton of new smells, some I liked, some not so much. Anyway this is the small amount I bought which also happens to be the most I ever spent in a LUSH store!

This is my second time purchasing Flying Fox, first time being in Kazakhstan & being the complete doofus that I am, I had left it there. Flying Fox consists of all sorts of honey madness jammed into one bottle and given a beautiful douse of perfumes & essential oils that leaves a heavy raw scent. I love that it doesn't smell too sweet & sugary, it's a raw & natural & it shows. 

It was only after getting this bottle that I realized it could be used on my hair too! I haven't made the jump to washing my hair with it yet but it leaves my skin feeling so moisturized, & I just can't imagine how my hair would feel like after.

After looking through numerous reviews on LUSH's UK site, I concluded that I needed You Snap The Whip, a charcoal infused body butter. Imagine to my delight when at the store I realize it had the same scent as Sweetie Pie, a shower jelly that I had purchased before & loved!I would've purchased a million bars but they seem to soften really quickly in the heat & I'm worried it'd turn my bathroom cupboard into a complete mess.

You Snap The Whip is a half scrub/ half moisturising bit of heaven in a bar. It leaves my skin with little scrubby black bits & lots of charcoal but a quick wash & my skin feels really soft & moisturised. The smell is on the sweeter, fruitier side, but it also has a slight edge that leaves the overall scent just right. 

This is one of my favorite bars of soap ever! Honey I Washed The Kids is not only a fun play on words but a gorgeous scent infused into a pretty bar of soap. I love how there's a honeycomb at the front of it, in case anyone forgets its honey flavored even though you can smell the bar from a mile away! 

Honey I Washed The Kids is (obviously) a honey infused scent of bar soap. There also seems to be an almost milky scent to it that rounds the whole thing up. The milk & honey combination makes me think of Cleopatra's secret youth ritual which was supposedly a bath with the simple combination of the two!

I'm going to have to save up quite a bit of money for my next trip to LUSH!

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