China Glaze Flying Dragon (Neon)

Today I have one of my favorite purples, China Glaze's Flying Dragon, to show you. It's pretty old I think, but still incredibly gorgeous. The reason why I put (Neon) though, was because there apparently are two formulations of it. Yeah, I know I only have one of them, but it's the best I swear

So my swatch here is at 3 coats, and it shows the grittiness of the polish. I refrained from giving it a top coat shine because I think it looks so mega pretty like this. Flying Dragon is a neon purple polish with bright blue splashes of color. I love how it dries, not only is it a magnificent matte, it dries with texture! It's like the original textured polish that seems to be really popular lately. The formula was a little streaky, I suppose my bottle could've been in storage for so long that it could benefit from a little thinner.

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