Lavender & Lilac Ombré- Crazy Colours Review

I recently decided to try out Crazy Colours because La Riche has been such a huge disappointment so far & being on this huge pastel kick lately I picked out a number of pastel Crazy Colours to try. To start off I did a lavender to lilac ombré with slight blue tips, colours used are in the picture below.

As lavender & lilac are pastel colours, a lot of bleaching may be needed to get your intended hair colour. On the other hand Bubblegum Blue isn't as pastel colored & through much testing I can confirm with one bleach the colour should show on your hair! Of course, every hair is unique & to each his own so results may vary.

My thoughts on Crazy Colour: I'm a convert. I'm not saying that La Riche is terrible, I think many people would disagree but I find that Crazy Colour 'sticks' to my hair quite a bit faster as compared to the pastel colours in La Riche which drove me up the wall.

For the dyes that I used, the colours looked so vibrant in the bottle, I couldn't believe they were pastel colours! For some reason the lilac dye was a little more watery than the rest but that might've been a fluke, it didn't affect the quality of the colour in any way so I'm pretty alright with that.

So recently my friend & I decided to start out The Tinted Mane, where we offer a selection of Crazy Colours & La Riche dyes. Readers can quote 'SND' for SGD$1 off per bottle & purchase of 5 bottles or more are eligible for free registered mail! Happy shopping <3


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