KBShimmer Glowstick

I'm currently so in love with neons & digging through my newly packed drawers, I really wanted to show you guys how lovely this polish is. One of my few KBShimmers, Glowstick is a neon glitter jelly & the best part, IT GLOWS IN THE DARK. 

I think this is one of the polishes that has everything & it isn't overdone. I know many polishes that have too many things & it turns into this big muddy mess. Yes the formula is a little too squishy & watery but when layered over a white polish, it immediately becomes a beautiful highlighter yellow. In the swirl, there are stars, diamonds, hexes & bars, basically an explosion of silver glitters.

Glowstick is no longer listed in both KBShimmer & Harlow sites but I'm sure you can get it in swaps, or people selling their extra bottles, or even second hand. This polish is so worth getting!

Incredible glow in the dark polish!


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  2. A beautiful polish!! I love the glow in the dark effect! :)



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