Dollish Polish Super Mario Bros. Collection- My Picks

I know I'm super late to the party but packing out my cupboard recently & I found my picks from Dollish Polish Super Mario Bros. Collection (If only that could happen more often right?). I got 6 from the 8 polish set collection & I really truly adore them.

These were one of those collections where I first laid eyes on them & immediately knew I had to have them! They're also my first Dollish Polish & I am so so so in love.

I love Mario & I think it's great that someone came out with an entire collection dedicated to a legendary game. I had so much fun with these polishes, I hope y'all like them!

Dollish Polish Go Luigi! layered over Cult Nails Living Water.
Go Luigi! is a combination of aquamarine & sea green medium hexagonal glitters with small aquamarine hexes & a hint of a silver star here & there. Like most star shaped glitters, there is a certain amount of fishing involved but it's pretty fun wondering what you'd get next! The formula is a little thick but workable, the glitter spreads easily around, this is a fantastic indie polish!

Dollish Polish Wicked Wario layered over Orly Miss Conduct
 I'm honestly not a huge fan of Wicked Wario, the small neon purple glitters are a little too much. However the mix of a funky white squares, the tiny green hexes & the small scattering of yellow is amazing! The neon purple glitters do cover the nails very well, I might not like them but I do appreciate how they apply so well.

Dollish Polish The Koopa King layered over China Glaze Gaga For Green
 My first sunny yellow glitter ever, The Koopa King was something I figured I wouldn't like that much, but it turned out to be one of my favorites in the collection & it looked amazing over Gaga For Green. What I really like is the slight translucency of the larger yellow hexes against the creme green. There are silver rhombus shaped glitters that are difficult to get out but it really pulls the entire look together!

Dollish Polish Dino-mite Yoshi layered over Zoya Kate
One of my favorite combinations of the entire swatchfest, reminding me of strawberry fields, is Dino-Mite Yoshi, I love how the microglitter jazzes up the whole manicure making it look exactly like strawberry seeds. I love the spray of green medium hexes & the rare red square :) 

It's A Me, Mario! layered over OPI My Boyfriend Scales The Walls
Something incredibly patriotic for America, a mix of red, silver & blue. I love this, it's simple & lovely. A glitterfied bonanza that's what I like :)

Dollish Polish Toad-ally Awesome jelly sandwiched between China Glaze
My favorite polish in the entire collection, Toad-ally Awesome is incredibly fricking awesome. I did an amazing jelly sandwich & it blew me out of the water. The amazing tiny gold hexes, large white squares, with the large red & gold hexes plus micro glitter all swirled into a slight patriotic seeming piece makes into the perfect formula of partyyyyy~


  1. Really great shoots ! =) They're so beautiful on you ^^

    1. Thank you so much love! You're being too kind :)

  2. What a cool collection, I love Mario! Too bad they are sold out :(

    1. Are they :( I didn't realize D: try getting them through swaps and such?

  3. These are so fun! Great photos.


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