Butter London No More Waity Katie

Hey everyone, my mum recently went to Hong Kong & came back with this little goody for me :D This is my first Butter London & boy am I a new follower!

No More Waity Kaity is a dusty purple jelly filled with tiny hexagonal glitters. It's quite sheer, requiring 4 coats for complete opacity but it's so dainty & pretty. Formula was easy to apply, wasn't clumpy & it dried fast. I suppose it could do with a top coat but that just depends on preference.

I really love how the name references itself to Kate Middleton's wedding & it's incredibly cute & funny at the same time. More Butter Londons for me, MOAR! <3


  1. Love the small details we get to see with the close up! I'm jealous. I want a Butter London too!

    1. Awww! Why don't you order from butterlondon.com? They have good deals sometimes :D

    2. Some day I will! :-) Gotta save up a few bucks for it first, lol.

    3. They're still having their Cyber Monday sale, free shipping + 10 bucks a bottle :D

  2. Gorgeous and my all time lemming! It's a shame I've not gotten round to wearing this pretty baby yet.


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