China Glaze Gr8

HAI GUYS! How are y'all doing? I lost hearing in my right ear on Friday & got diagnosed with Vestibular Neuritis. It's really weird to have half of my world blocked out by sound but it's all good. Hopefully it'll go away soon! :D

Today I have China Glaze Gr8 from the famed OMG collection. It's a gorgeous olive- gold toned holo & it looks amazing! I can't stop gawking at my nails in the sun because it won't stop winking at me. I'm a sucker for these colors & I really need the whole collection :O Anyone willing to sell it to me cheaply? Just kidding. Hold on to them tightly ladies. The formula was amazing, I was startled at how well it applied for a holo, it wasn't terribly patchy. Thin formula that is opaque in 2 coats!

OMG guys like I totes have GTG now. TTYL <3


  1. Sorry about your ear, hope you get better soon!
    In not a fan of gold nail polishes, but this one is really pretty and it looks good on you!

    1. Thanks for your well wishes!!! Awwwwww really? You're so sweet! <3 xx


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