Rainbow Honey Yokai Collection

Hi guys, today I have for you the Yokai collection from Rainbow Honey. Yokai means 'demons' in Japanese, or what they call any supernatural monsters, whether bad or good. Loving the Japanese Folklore, when I saw this trio, I just had to have it. This is my first time buying from Rainbow Honey, & I didn't know what to expect so I decided to review them :) 

 They come with pretty macro shots at the top of the boxes showcasing the beauty of the polishes <3 So easy to identify!

On to the swatches! They're all at 3 coats & a top coat.

Kawako, is water sprite derived from Kappa (One of my favorite yokai), an incredibly mischievous demon that especially loves liver. Yum. The polish itself is a major stunner, a deep ocean blue flecked with gorgeous pieces of silver set in multichrome flakes that flash in pink or blue. Not exactly what I imagined the Kawako to look like but very very pretty nonetheless. The formula was alright, a little blotchy but nothing to complain about. The flakes don't show up as well as it should & it sinks a little into the base though. Kawako definitely needs a top coat because it dries a teensy bit matte :D

Oni are trolls/ ogres, ugly huge things that patrol my nightmares. They started out as typical flesh eatig yokai but more & more people are using them to ward of bad luck these days. I don't mean offence to anyone but I abhor tattoos of Onis :( No one can seem to make them look nice & at the end result you have an ugly troll on your shoulder or back. 

He stares at your ugly tattoo.

Oni is olive & pink flecks set in a dark green base, I have nothing like this & I <3 this color so much! So much depth in it & I want it to bad. I can totally imagine this as the Oni's skin :( Gross but still so lovely to look at. Formula is the best among 3, applies thinly with great coverage! Definitely wearing this again :D

The last bottle of this limited edition trio, & my very very favorite, is Kitsune. My favorite yokai of all, a mischievous fox sprite that is an obake (shape shifting demon), typically turning herself into a beautiful lady that lures men to their death. At the end of their 'transformation' they have nine tails. 

Does not look like a beautiful lady, sorry.
 Not only is Kitsune my favorite yokai, but it's now my favorite polish! I love jelly glitters & this is no exception! Set in a nude jelly, there are tons of micro hexagonal glitters of pink, green, orange & gold with a sprinkling of gold flakes at the top! It's everything I want & need. Totally appropriate color & my current manicure. My only problem was the terrible formula on mine, I can't say if it's just my bottle but it applied in clumps & I had to apply it swiftly if not it wouldn't be smooth. Well nothing is perfect but I'm going to wear it again & again & again...

My thoughts on this limited edition collection, so much Japanese love for these polishes & they're absolutely gorgeous on their own right. Rainbow Honey should have made more colors! :D I very rarely say this haha. If you haven't gotten it, please get it, I really give it 10 stars! <3

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